Saturday, April 4, 2009

One quotation in hell of a n early morning

"soon we are left ALONE AGAIN just the same way we first enter COLLEGE.....:("

i quote this sentence from my friend's blog entry...hurm... kinda sad reading her's what i can sat that Im going to really miss my MPIK,,kinda love the old "m" rather that the new "I" in IPIK tho..what I can say that this unique college is the place I build my self (just like any1 else tho) yet it digss out the real me (both positive and negatives)... its here you can trace which friends are good and wich not of course, it involves lots of time in doing so.. =).. Surely I will miss blok aman.. tho it is kinda scary yet I still love that old skull building..My room 66 (which I rarely tide up and stay) and not forgetting the gambling and game academy of room 11 (belongs to cat) a place where my friend and I shares their love story, problems, cutting hairs, playing poker, smoking, indulge in games, assingments, and lots others.

Then when during the orientation I really miss chating with pak wan and mostly really rememeber his advanced handphone that we fighthing when taking turns to play.. ehehehe yet things change and he choose not to continues tesl and further law study (reallyl salute him for that courage). When I heard that I'm going to be in fc 1.3 wah..cant belive it a humble, low achieveing boy can stood up and be together witht he otehrs SBP boys and gilrs in one class..I still remember Mdm janice's grumble.. "why aa in 1.3 we have the most hihg marks yet we also scores the worst" ahahahah the answer is simple mam we are LAZY...ahahahahhaha.Fc 1.3 is where digs out my leadership qualities and really chalange my temper...hehehe really sorry guys if I have raised my voice or what so ever...Im just trying to do my job and try not to get scolded by mdm...hehehehe

Time passed by so fast and we are bout to finish our 4 years in college and fly away to UM..hehehe comments bout undergraduates prog..? naah.. I I'll save that for later.. =)

Im going to move out from the current house Im staying and its really thrills me live in new environments, find new house and hopefully seek for part time job..So UM here I come..

I would like to propose my deep apology to all cohort 4 mates for my sin and wrong doings..cant help it its just me and... =) hope that we all can grow stronger to face the future...

therefor for this part of my life I must chage the motto..heheh from neva look back -----> look back sometimes, tak ur time and focuss back on the future...hehehehe wassalam =)

My god..Masyallah

Huhuhu I woke up early in the morning because of 1 funny and maybe important dream..Why do suddenly she came in my dream and ask me wether i can take her and fly together to lala land...kinda scary..because the person is so cute..however..its kinda impossible becase of the situation that im in now..yes she is preety i cant deny that but..I think i just want to leave to takdik to decide thow..gila cemana dalam mimpi aku aku jalan2 ngan weng sambil bawak ikan masik then p kedai tayar yg ada josh tgh pakai towel..? dem kinda weirdo..but I really hope the deam with that 1 girl comes true and surely i will strive to make our life better regardless the girl's background tho... =)

Friday, April 3, 2009

I hope things will not go chronics usual I love to shares photos which really kinda shocking kan? hurm in the mist of boredom(mcm ayat novel) I was strolling around meet me site in tagged kinda funny the things that I found..hope I wont be like this =P

aha...Im back...

after taking care of some travian stuf and read latest chapter of 1 piece at lasss Im here~ hav no comment bout the latest political issue tho but what I can see from history, great leadr is the ! tha thvae the virtue to seek for truth not cover it up..and most important ly I belived in gifted leaders that we Malaysian have 4 example tun M,DsaI and erms....I love to see the progress of Malaysia..just ponder this question...


for future voters and nation deciders try think what muse said in theor lyrics..

"And how can we win,

When fools can be kings

Don't waste your time

Or time will waste you

No-one is going to take me alive

Time has come to make things right

You and I must fight for our rights

You and I must fight to survive"

Knights of Cydonia
by Muse

Monday, March 30, 2009

cont. teslian daily stupid activity

Part time modeling

In conjunction with earth day, we dun have to worry about our contribution towards the campaign..we already have Mr Chum as our main mascot, he willingly pose with a tough body, 10 bottled necklace, torned kain pelikat, free T-shirt..see how green he is..therefore Mr chum = 0% pollution on his body!!

Kantoi ngan tak kantoi

ha... hurm..i promis not to talk bout the past but sumtin keep on buzzing around..first of all ok i do admit i do talk behind peoples back..but hey face it everyove did that believe me..are we saint enough to keep on blaming people kan? i think the different here is when i did sumtin wrong it was detected and blamed therefor i proudly admit it and like i always say neva look back anymore n looking forward for a bright future tho..nevatheless i will not blame people that judge me hey im not ur brain n heart that can controll wah kinda relief when i spread out this stuff..hehehe =)