Thursday, November 12, 2009

janji kawan2 9 tahun lagi..

gambar hiasan hahaha

derang neh..aku dah anggap like brothers! idea ni dtg time kami lepak2 kat restoran mamak ehsan kat sri permaisuri. aku pun tatau kenapa idea neh dtg..tapi maybe dtg sbb kami sgt ske bawak moto laju2 sampai kdg2 jerawat kat pipi neh mau terbang pabila disapa angin~ hehehehe

basically tak ada la apa2 yg bombastic sgt pasal janji neh..kami bejanji dan semestinya bukan janji rock~ kai jaji akan jumpa balik kat cheras 9 tahun lagi tapi kali ni bukan dengan naik moto2 cawan (cuB) tapi motosuper yg ber CC 600 ke atas..janji ni di buat pada tarikh yg aku sendiri dah lupa..tapi la kan aku still ingat kami wat janji neh dekat2 pukul 12..then idea neh diperkembangkan lagi ke rakan2 yg biul utk menjayakan program yg hambar neh

atucara majlis (9 tahun lg)
1. sampai ke kL lepak balik kat ehsan
2. pagi esok masuk maktab and makan kat kafe kak som sambil buat bising dalam maktb dgn paip ekzos moto
3. round2 kL
4. melawat lorong2 yg ada nama haji di didepan, brikfil, doraisami dan sewaktu dgnnya
5. Rempit g putrajaya

ni ah senarai yg agak confirm nk join another gathering in 9 years time

1. aku
2. bauk
3. cat
4. haziq
5. Faiz

korg kalu rasa nk join meh submit nama kat aku~ ehhehehe

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My resources reflection~ ahahahaha

What do you like about blogging?

Blog, an online human invention that helps people to interact interactively through online. What a lame introduction aite? actually in a first glance there are nothing special about blogging. It was just a place for people to express what they felt and share it. What do i like about bloging? it is basically due to the personalized site that it offer, meaning that i basically can do what ever i want in my site of course with ethics and morale self limitation. Another thing that i like about blogging is we can include some interesting pictures and share it with the world! (lame again). For 'developing English student like me blogging offers a place where I need to use english whether i like it or not that all~

What you do not like about blogging?

Will you even read this? ahahahha joking only.. What do i dun like about blogging?

1. People in blog usually not realistic
2. Place where people can handle reality
3. So limited to internet user only
4. If you are intending to surf using mobile phone..think again
5. Sometime it is depressing

What have you gained from blogging e.g. Language skills, improved fluency, critical thinking, improved thought processes, technology skills etc. How?

Basically the percentage that i managed to gain / learnt or whatever just about 30%, we dun write blog because we are force to, blog are written through the cognition birth of ideas not a hammer and nail concept of you do you'll get mark and if you dont u are in trouble..get me?. Honestly i do learn something, that is you can do something in limited time if you are determined not to fail this course..come on don't try to deny this fact of working last minutes aite? yet all the stated skills are basically learnt in a forced way so you can imagine how many of it will stick. But there a re 1 positive part of blogging that is as long as it is free to write what ever you like, it is good even you are writing about not so good things which sometimes can be the ugly truth (sounds familiar aite?)

What do you like about this course?

Honestly i dislike this course, i dont know why because for me resources is not about saving things in your pen drive or even attaching file in email.. Come on even a standard 2 children nowadays bring laptop to their school. You don believe me? go and as Cikgu siva in SK Air panas near old klang road, I can even give you his number. Internet in basically a thing that almost all people know and please lecturer, please inspect thoroughly things that you assigned to us dont call up people and do a list of unnecessary things thus burdening the student with tons of work and what Islam dislikes, "wasting things".

The lecturer need to go increase the fitness before attending each class and please do not give any reasons for arriving late or what ever. COme on you are paid by government to teach so teach with the ample amount effort for the money that government spent get me?

Maybe my words seems a bit harsh but hey put a side the multilevel layer of student and lecturer and take a second to think about what I write. Maybe there are soem thruth in my words but I do admit that student sometimes can be immature and instinctive.

The thing that i like about this course hm...let me think...hmm...a minute please for me to digest..hmmm...ahhh... I like some exposure to the thing that I dont know for example photoshop ( which im quite bad at it) but i believe i learnt much about photoshop from my friends via "exploring" rather than being Scaffold~ sigh~

What you do not like about this course?

a lot and dont get me started on this..I choose not to answer this question.

What have you learnt from this course?

"Cooperation with friends" thats all ahhh... one more thing.. patiece and not to get easily provoked~

What have you learnt from this course that you did not expect to?

Seriously you want to know? Im quite shock after making and printing a colored e-book then someone come and tell to me hey why do you print it in colour? i answer It an assignment aite? I want to do it properly..and he answer hey dude..there are no marks for this assignment my heart..Oh mY..-fainted-

Not the Im not sincere in completing my assignment, government pay us to study so im prepared receive any work because I had signed an agreement wholeheartedly. But please and please manage the content of the course to be MEANINGFUL..yea..that the correct word, meaningful!

What have u expected but do not learn from this course?

Before i get in the first resource class i did not expect that we will receive a pile of work...yet im wrong but dont worry we are the mighty cohort 4 we can survive anything aite (dah mcm superhero plak)

If you can change anything about this course, state what is and elaborate?

Maybe I will change list of task give to us. I will planned carefully each task given so that I wont burden anyone yet achieving the goal of the course. In college we are use to do lots of works and i think this portfolio is nothing to us but all the work are properly planned and not like this portfolio which will be altered, added without any warning.

On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate your computing and technological skills for both before and after undergoing the course.

before 5
after 5.4

This is not a joke because if we really want to study technologycal skills resources alone maybe just 0.1 % of all or even less..Therefore I'm quite glad that I manage to sail through this course. Hope that the lecturer read this with a Bismillah at the start and an open mind because this is basically what the student want to say but they are trying to avoid to. But considering this maybe for the everyone benefit I write it all down ( not all but almost half)

I would like to thank Pn Poziah for the knowledge that she shared and all mY cohort 4 for the knowledge that you thought me..Only God can repay you guys and with that Wasssalam~~