Saturday, May 2, 2009

A nite in Bangsar area

Last nite my friend and i went to bangsar area to find new rental house...becasue we are bout to move out from the house in Cheras and stay around the Um area...lots had happend last nite and let me re-Cap

1.I plaing IM with sum1..
2.Eddy called asking on conformation when to go
3. Mu wins their league game
4. I went to pasar malam and manage to controll my expenditure (below 7 ringgit, usuallt below 15) ahahaha
5. Njow nasik kerabu(wtf, one ringgit for 4 piece of small squid, damn..) but dun really care bcause its good!! ehehehe (luckily)
6.Texting sum1...and keep on texting.. @@"
7.Eddy confirm with weng on the time and we get out from our house around 11.00 am..
8. Searched around the bangsar area and grew tired of it..(after som horror road taken, ahahahaha)
9. Stoped at KK store near Soddiq's house and took two bottle of ice lemon tea and line up to pay (luckily Eddy lanje) ahahaha
10. Sumone cut the que, its look like a rough neck Malay...(maybe he feels so tired working) and I let him cut...
11. felt shocked when that PURE MALAY guy brings 2 skol bear (labbeled with extra strong brew) WTF stupid and without any shame he pay for those beer (6 for 1 and he took 2)
12. Can feel his pride when buying those Satan's Pee (sorry non-muslim)
13. Awaked from my angger and realize that this is KL, we are sekular country where we have the development of buildings and not our own inner side (wah bajet alim aku)..
14. At least my parent succeeded in teaching me that Never drank those satan's peee...
15. Walk out from the store feeling so embarresed with that guy..

Then the journey to find those houses continues but need to stop due to rain and WTF!!! my tank almost empty !!! Went back to Cheras in haste and still cant forget that Malay Guy..shit!!! make me sick!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

BUkan nk poyo tapi ni lah yg aku ngah rasa~ ahahhaha~ (gila leleh)

Mengintai Langit
by Coco

Setiap hariku tulis

Yang Ku telah jatuh cinta

Tapi ku rasa bersalah

Tidak ku nyatakan ... padamu....

Adakah engkau merasa

Apa yang sedang kurasa

Kepada tancap asmara

Harapnya kau dah terima

Maafkan aku kerna menyintamu

Maaf jikaku tak padan denganmu

Tapi ku berjanji

Kau juita hati

Akan ku jaga hingga akhir nanti

Maafkan aku terus memujamu

Maaf aku yang terlanjur merindu

Didalam hujan renyai

Aku mengintai langit

Mengharap engkau akan setuju

Menyintai aku....

Menyanyi dan bisikkanlah sayang

Baiknya kau dalam jiwa

Tak tahan rasanya menanggung kasmara

Agar dapatku lelapkan mata...

Mengkhayalkanmu, bermimpikanmu sepanjang malamku...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

i hate to tell this but...TOMOK had Revived!!!

im still shocked with this vid friend gave this to really changed a lot...see even that big mouth paul moss praise him...!!!

malas nk dld n upload that link eh...~

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

info tatau la btul ker tak

for those who have a 30-20-34 body cutting,(like only a bit bigger in the figure) it was advisable to take photo from waiste up-ward..eheheh i think so lah...from most of my specific and careful hide those a bit bigger size!~ ehehehe just wanna share this info

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

cont. teslian daily stupid activity

Ahahaha...this time i wanna promote 1 of ma best B..ehehehe..eventhough there lots of "hick ups" goin in ma lyfe..but hell, lets just for get it... actually this pic was taken long agoo when we first get our allowance of this new B bought new computer to replace his damaged or rather badly injured due to his own roughness eh!! super duper "delicate" way of handling laptop~...ehehehehehe... heres is the pic..~~ see how his muscular body react with his passion for games...!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

tak ada rezeki (minutes too late)

I dunno y but I think i have a crush on sum 1, but As usual Im just a little tooooo late.. she just flew away with sum1 else tho...huhuhu nvm maybe not my rezeki this time to get her..but..really hope that she is the 1..nah...stop dreaming mr Luq..better prepare ma self for assesment test tho....