Saturday, March 21, 2009

Post poned again..

after a plate of nasik lemak body became very heavy and suddenly sum 1 msg me that the asgmt is postponed..the tendency to sleep had increased 50%..yet i still managed to go 4 karoke with ma friends..ehehehehhe let see when the perfect timing i will start my asgmt...huhuhuhu god please give me sum spirit...HuaRghHhhHHhh..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Finger- Crossed

Salam all merseysiders..really hop that we can go through this season AT LEAST 1 championship on our hand..heheh while im surfin i found this funny eddited pic ahaks gerrard look like to stole the champ league troFy lol..i really hope that liverpool will win the uefa hehehe that is the type of championship that liv excell the most..=) come On ma friend!!!! in GERRARD we trust..Our captain will surely wont dissapoint us kan..kan..kan... ahahaha suck u radang..muahahaha

Thursday, March 19, 2009 for the 4th place

Fairuzizuan and Zakry com sort of newcomer in the mainstream of world doubles. Fairuzizuan (my state man) lol and zkry...My opinion on this pair are they had a very good chemistry among them. Looking at their style of play reminds me of most asian's pair approach in playing storong aggresive and speed (we as asian proud for our small size =p). They are hard working and have zero will to surrender. For me its not too cocky to label then as the new sidek pair (what eh..the past is Jailani and razif). These young malaysian hit some turbulance during this year because they seems like shaky in their perfomance. None the less i still love this pair because it blew a new spirit in Malaysian doubles.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top 5 badminton player (single and double)

No.5 Indonesian double

Markis kido hendra setiawan

Once they had reached the top of badminton double but this year not much news i heard from this players. Due to my own aggressive choice of playing badminton I really love watching my favorite small bodied, smasher, Markis kido. He can really leap up high and smash like bullet, but sadly that the only thing that he knows apart from few exciting drop shot. As for hendra setiawan, he can is a pure genuis when it comes to badminton..lots of occasion showing that he can really controll 3/4 of the court with grace. For me hendra setiawan is an expert in finding a blindspot in court and detecting empty unguarded space. This is a balance in terms of skill where we have markis the crazy smasher and hendra the court controller..but sometimes when hendra setiawan smash, I felt shocked because of the unpredictable space that he opens for himself to smash. He can be controlling the net show in fornt of the court and suddenly he comes a big angled smash from him.. pure genius..

Stay tuned for the next 4 on my list..hehehehe

hari berulang..aku terlena

giler tol ari neh..ada ker patot p kuaq minum pisang shake pukul 3 lah akubatnyer..dah smalam tak p kelas lupa lak tne tulis dlm Bi..hehehe hurm today woke up soo late untill i can forget going to class..dam last ni had put up some will that i need to wake up early and go to class..huhu luckily i contact my "cable" hope he /she can sign the attendence for me..huhuhu..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ahahaha Aku pUn Nk ber BloG

Aloha suma...As you can see on my left hand side is ma Pic..hehehe yup I am a bit Padded (not fat ok!!) and I love to keep long hair (kinda envy faizal tahir)
Ok..My name is Mohd Luqman B. Ahmad Khori..Must mention my dad's name tho if not I wont be considered as a good son..kan? (that what Tok khadi during my sister's wedding told). Wah.. already lost my word already nvm I will keep on updating my page with lots of picture (my new interest) ehehehehe. Kenapa tetiba rasa nk p maceng lak neh..hehehehe tata~