Saturday, March 28, 2009


humr just an average sunday i had tho..nuthing much to du rather then watching movie and 2 discussion regarding school visit tho...hum...rally scared going to school cause i m no so sure wether im fit to be a teacehr yet or no..but non the less kinda too late to rollback time..hehehehe hope all og these mombo jombo thing ends well and everybody get an A's kan..? hehehe

Friday, March 27, 2009

Why malaysian are unique~

ahahhaha during 1 nite we dcided to go to old town..ahahah
One groups of uncles came and fill the seat front of us and start chit chatting
ehehehe suddenly one of the mambers fell down and sleep front of the whole reastaurant that y malaysian unique.. we will do what ever we want when and where ever we want...

aktiviti harian teslian

Ni no 1 yg depa suka wat..tdo..tak kira la kelas sapa pun mahupun tutorial besau...ahahahhaha

Rokok tak lepas dari teacehr trainees thx for the model for a great pose..ahahahha this pic was taken during class also..

ahahahah sikit jer lg..

huhuu just alilbit more to finish this crazy sem..
Its is a real relief when my simulated with my jackpot pair finish
thx to all my class mates for full cooperation tho ehehehhe
kinda looking forward for my cohort's trip to pangkor~~~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

trying to put matchstick between ma swallen eyes

Salam OMG..huhuhu it being a hectic day for me but yet my simulated micro teachig is over!!! Weee!!!~~ but the chalanging part now how to finish 2 assgnmt in one night.. oh ma god...huhuhu but i'm on the last portion of my sociology asgmnt.. come onn LUQ you can do it how yeah...~~~

Sunday, March 22, 2009


korg jgn gelak lak tgk blog bodo aku ..aku baru nk blaja2 men blog neh..sbb nk prepare asgmt blog kat Um nnti..Radan gpun tanak ajar mcm mana nk pimp profile aku..dam it randang! ahahahha

Brilliant liverPooL

Ahahahahahaha.....apart of mu up and down 1 thing made me smile really wide...!!!! LIVERPOOLL!!!! ahahahah pity for aston villa when they became the next Liverpool's victim with 5-0 defeat. Come on the title race is still ON!! yup i mean it!! lets hope Mu 1 game deficit means nothing with another lost for them (maybe) =P ahahaa padan muka ang radang... =P...YNWA

in gerrard we trust!!