Monday, June 22, 2009

"This afternoon..when i was stuck in a heavy eyes caught something that made my heart filled with guilt...with shame...
I used to be judgmental when it comes to immigrant worker. Seeing their rough image, messy hairstyle is really disturbing for me. Plus, the influence of the media that portrays the bad image of them make me feel uneasy and nervous. I used to be the victim of house breaking. So i could never see them as i see other people. I'm not a racist but due to my bad experience, it has blocked my sight to see the bright side of them.
There are times that I kept thinking which one of them will snatched my bag or when i was alone in the elevator with them, i felt a crawling sensation that they might harm me one way or another. Just by the way they look at me is enough to freak me out.
But, my perception change this very afternoon, though not a 100% rotation. Still, it changed a bit.
There was one guy, a bit muscular. I bet he is a construction worker. His outer appearance looked rough, with faded jeans and a sleeveless shirt. He was holding a backpack, i wonder if it's a signature sign for a foreign construction worker.Just like everybody else, he waited for the bus to take him home.
Suddenly, out of nowhere a blind man appeared and tried to cross the road. Since the road is quite congested with cars and there is no traffic light for the people to cross the road provided, it's impossible for the blind man to go to the other side of the road without help from other people.
But living in Kuala Lumpur, everybody was so busy with their own problem, too absorbed with their own world. They just looked at the blind man as if it was a show and the blind man was a clown to amuse them. I felt pity towards the blind man. I wished i could go out from the car and help him somehow.
Then this man, whose appearance like he did not give a damn, The one who did not wear a nice shirt, the one who looked like a thug in the neighborhood, walked slowly to the blind man. hold his arm and helped him cross the road.
Then, i cried. I cried because I was stupid. I cried because I realized. I've committed a crime. I judged before knowing, I labeled before understanding. I cried because i'm just like everyone else. Punishing not for the crime they did. But because of who they are.And this man, that very man that I thought a good for nothing bloke.His heart is purer than me. And suddenly, i feel small and i am ashamed of myself."

a story by amelia rodzman..ehehehe pendek..!! :p

This story was extracted legally by me from ma freind's FB...hmmm so how? not that we fully reject the idea having some doubt against those immigrant..but let put it this way..we Malaysian if we are afraid when we see thos banglas, indon, and others..we actually afraidn to the people that put away their future and risk all they have to come to our country just to find a simple rm 800 to at least change their life in their original's country...However we still have to have some doubt when we are cornered (robbed or what ever) but at least put some real excuse for us to have those doubt..Dun have doubt just because he/she is not wearing the same texture of T-Shirt that we had, same cusioning of shoe that we wears, drive in the same 4 legged steel like toyota, proton or honda and even if they just plain ugly...because every human being their own unique reason for them to be in this world...

If we use those lame excuses we are no better then the redneck that still rule the America...NO BLACKS! WHY MUST WE HAVE BLACKS WHEN WHITE IS SUPERIOR! more or less like that...Hey They even labbeled us asian, as colored..see? the only point that they had is only their skin have less pigmentation of melenine which lead to the whiteness but hey..theres a drawback..the whiter you are the easier for you to be expose to Skin cancer...(haiz..racau mana dah ni)

My point is, we can easily labbled a race or create an ilusive social double standart if the convict are ugly, minority and holds less economic power... come on stop those act and Even we have some black spot in our memmory reffering to those immigrant, lets start to think positive and get rid of the prejudice..hehehehehe ms shallot I think i dah jangkit ngan ue..tulis pepanjang..

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