Thursday, June 11, 2009

PeSan HanG Tuah

Hulubalang Melaka yang agung Pernah berkata2..

Takkan Melayu Hilang Di DuNia...

Akan Tetapi Mari Kita Bertemu dengan Realiti Dan Berusaha Supaya

MelayU taKKan HiLang DuniaNya..

sumtin to ponder on kan..? I've read a book bout this topic and its so Spirited and moving..Moving in the sense how some Malay Minister had forgotten bout the not so fortunate Malays..Not that the not so fortunate are braging(somtimes they do) but more or less they are the victim of their own mistakes and other's..Therefor come lets try to make a small leap towards a bringht future of the Malays..maybe we can start from being a professional..political mind and interest lets put it a Side and when we brothers and sisters are together we are United as what ppl called MALAYS!

Sumua Org Syg BangSa Dia kan..No reason For this small Piece needed to view as Racism or whatshitsoever~

-peace No war-


  1. hohoho
    sowie tag aku tak wat ag,...nt aku wat ok..hohoh

    weh ko tak polow pon blog aku ek...ngeh3..

  2. eh..aku tak follow ker?? bukan aku dah follo ker..sat2 aku set eh..mmg aku dok bce pun..ala kimi bucuk..takan tak caya kat aku yg baik ati neh..

  3. terAsA CAm NAK MERDEkA JE ESk bace post niH...

  4. ahahaha..sajer patriotism sket..betul haper aku cakap kan??