Thursday, May 21, 2009

Syurga cinta a must to watch!! here!! (now in BI lah eh) hurm what can I say bout this film eh...2 thumbs up!!!! a mixture of sadness, cuteness, self reflection, and hidden truth and qualities..Face it it is tru that some MaLays only live on their Islamic names (ceh bajet aku beriman) no..not that I want to make a lecture bout that but...If you are Malays dun get easilly agitated or angry..What the film shows is a reality, Malay drinking, haveing freee sex and others..but It also teach that we are never too late to taubat Towards Allah.. Credit to Awal Asyaari with a good expression and heliza..Gosh her eyes was just facinating!!

I love a quatation from this story!!

Jodoh ada 3 jenis..

1. JodoH dari syaitan (you meet your desired start to hold hands, have sex and eventually the female got pregnent)

2. Jodoh dari Jin (you love 1 gurl so much yet she did not reply, then you star to use black magic to get her...then even more disasterous effect happend)

this is what I like most and hopefully will get it

3. Jodoh dari Allah (jumpa mata bertentangan dan terus suka sama suka then kawen..secara halal ofkos dan ITULAH SYURGA CINTA) touching

p/s : kalu p tgk sorg2 mmg dah nanges dah...

Hahaha yet azreil, weng, togo ,shawn and me got verry lucky when a Blessedfull soul unty give us 6 free tickets to wathc..out off no where we arrived at Pavi then she came with a verry meaningful tickets..May God repay her with bless and prosper..ahahahaha


  1. wow so touching and very2 touching me lorh...hehe

  2. nk harap ko lanje tiket free mmg payah la kimie..ahaha seb bek ada makcik yg baik ati tuh..

  3. i think i wait for this muvi 2 come out maybe, perhaps, PROBably, this Raya @ EsTRO..=P

  4. cess...pebarang beb..tgk la wayang..tapi kalu ko nk feeling lebih p tgk sorg2..mmg touchin2..ahehehe