Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A movie called run fat boy run teaches me 1 vital thing..ahahah

"Thats my mr dennis doyle..always running..but never runs in the right direction..."

lebey kurg mcm nih la..dun really remember tho..ahahahaha more or less really reflected me as a mr runaway from probs...therefore i had instill a will that how tough the thing is i will never ever run from it..naah..but if i want to run mayb for a while can but then must come back and face it..ahahaha (apa punya cakap daa..mcm auta jer byk)

hehehe try to run in the correct direction!


  1. hahaha...sumtimes i also try not to bother bout probs, but we have to face it, 1 thing 4 sure, b +ve and mature... :-P