Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greatest healer in the entire world...

hehehe mayb its time for me to start talking bout ma experience during ma SEP..(school experience prog.) lol tuh muka cikgu yg i team up with ma friend nicholas (the mangsa raba budak2)

really when we talk bout some of great medicine that did not involves any drinking or instruction from a guy with white coat are happiness and laughter..!!!

I start my sep with kinda boring day..nearly got myself bullied by children tho..hampeh nye dak kecik..seriously my heart just melt when see those small sized human (ahahah aka children)..but as a taecher to be (tu dia poyo) there are limitation and guildeline that i need to follow) for the the first day i dun have to relief any class or whut but on the second day i made a terribbly wrong step by scolding the children because they are verry noisy and ignoring my instruction (wei agak2 la derang nk test tuh) ahahahha..

then for the thirdd day and forth i try to controll and go witht the flow..yet use the reverse way of motivation sayaing that when they will grew up if what they heard only tons of mocking from a guy name teacher kan? hey it works dude! ehehehehe...

on the forth day comes my worst nitemare..standart 1..believe me..they are just uncontrallable (my first thought) but....when i see their cute face hahahaha...tak jadi marah trus..come on..they come to school to have fun and be educated why so Serious!! kan? as usual I'm trying to go witht he flow and be like kids...therefor the kids will come andfeel warm when Im around...ahehehehe I eve play the eraser war with them..hahahha its fun believe me it is...eheheh here are some of the happy faces...i even met a new breed of malaysia..indian mix with god she is a beuty..u can put jessica alba aside ma friend!!

3 ekoq neh mmg ganas...ahahahha..see ya~

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