Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Super Blind Uncle Vs Jason Mraz..? Malaysian U decide!!

Last nite..cant keep my hands down from snappin sum interesting pic..Ok bout this pic...when this pic was taken there is a jason mraz song been played and this pak cik's show was kinda dimmed by jason mraz's...For me jason mraz song is so much cheaper compared to this pakcik's (no offend to the jason's fan eh..I'm a big fan my self) do you know Y i said so..?

i. This pakcik singging to earn a living ( LIVING) i think its the thing that saperates a meal and starvation
ii. Jason mraz song is made for pleasure and earn lots of dollars !! (obviously kan..? who wanna make song that cant be sold)
iii. that pakcik collection was not so encouraging (i did peek into his small money container) down mr Luq...ehehehe basically what I really want to say here is...This pakcik is a dignified blind man...compared to the 1 that was held by a person and wandering and begging for money...this pakcik is a hero in his own context of strugglin world.. Eventhough his shows was not as good as Jsn Mraz..but I like this pakcik more!!!

come on Malaysian...dont be stingy and donate to people like that earn their living in the way they can..!!!!!


  1. kite sedekah satu Allah gandakan 10..

  2. btol2...hehe jason ke parkson ke,,,gua tetap dengan rock kapak gua...hahaha

    ala sedekah je la...