Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top 5 badminton player (single and double)

No.5 Indonesian double

Markis kido hendra setiawan

Once they had reached the top of badminton double but this year not much news i heard from this players. Due to my own aggressive choice of playing badminton I really love watching my favorite small bodied, smasher, Markis kido. He can really leap up high and smash like bullet, but sadly that the only thing that he knows apart from few exciting drop shot. As for hendra setiawan, he can is a pure genuis when it comes to badminton..lots of occasion showing that he can really controll 3/4 of the court with grace. For me hendra setiawan is an expert in finding a blindspot in court and detecting empty unguarded space. This is a balance in terms of skill where we have markis the crazy smasher and hendra the court controller..but sometimes when hendra setiawan smash, I felt shocked because of the unpredictable space that he opens for himself to smash. He can be controlling the net show in fornt of the court and suddenly he comes a big angled smash from him.. pure genius..

Stay tuned for the next 4 on my list..hehehehe

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