Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reflection science week 1

hurm basically this is the first week im in UM..what to say eyh...first thing I'm superglad actually knowing that Im actually not virtually in UM!! ahahahha one of the oldest university in Malaysia, where it first based in Singapore and was transferred to KL..a university which have lots of history and gave birth to lots of important role in our country..

Actually i was in the science stream class since in college and when Im in UM i need basically to just continue the course..but now.....with a whole new condition..

1. I have my own computer in the lab..
2. We are going to spend most of our time in the computer lab
3. The lab have a very fast internet connection
4. ehems....ahahahahha

the class is basically did not start yet and the lecturer en. Fauzi is hell of a good guy. He seems like able to sense that we re kinda lost in Um and let us to clam down and relax first and tall us that we are going to really start the class next week..and he also clarify that he's not the permanent lecturer and we are going to be teach by Dr..hmm forgotten her name already...

looking forward for the next class of science...jaaanaaa...ehehhee

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