Monday, June 8, 2009

result punya citer

hahaha..akhirnya..dtg gak detik..ehh..silap suppose to be in english la cik luq to start eh..first of all im in CC and tomorrow im going to PeNaNg~ hehe Weee..maybe bleh jumpa a friend of mine,, da cute one huhuhu..xpenah jmpe pn lg,, my 1st time.. fuhh,, nervous..hahahakkk..ey..bukan citer pasal result ker..hahhaa but am going to penang to take ma sis's stuff..she's about to end her study in MppPm (so many Ps kan) ehehehe..

FocuSS!!..ok not bout ma turns as i expected it to pointer DRooooPed..but im not shocked..ahaha why should i be shocked?? it's suits the amout of effort and time i give to study..ahahha last minute studty?? is a must! ahaha just can get a hang of evrything whent it so relaxed ...need sum pressure of time then i can study..(padahal pemalas tak nak ngaku..ya ampunnn...!!!!) result..? 3.17 jer..and its sucessfully drag down ma pngk..ahaha to 3.28..ahaha but im still grateful to Allah that he did not make the lecturer to be mean and failed me...Alhamdulillah to all ma frend that they also not failed anything but pity ma lab mate la cik FaizaL..he took a bullet of writing..and need to repeat the fight for an aprroval..fuh..englis cam TaiK..ahahhaha but luckily he had a car not and he can safely travel from um to ipik for the repeat course.. Allah that he still loves me and bless me witht a great reasult..for me lahh 3.7 ker 4.0 ker means nothing if u kinda lost at the end of the sem..(like me)..kinda lost in this sem..feeel like i had learnT NoThin..hmmmm..nvm bukan putih takkan ada kan.. (mcm kenal) ahahahaha...nnti I'll try harder in UM.hope that Um i will meet wih ppl that play bad!..ahahaha lama tak men badminton..stamina tobat takda dah..ahahahah (erk..ada kaitan ker?? ada aku kesah..cak8)

ok adois lah..lewat dah neh..sian kat parent...Again doakan my journey to Penang selamat!..ehehe Cik Cutey..thx sbb setuju setelah dipaksa belanja sya....ahahaha...


  1. congratulation on ur result!

  2. aku slh sorng orng yg nk men bad! tu kkkk...

  3. hehehe
    3 smthg is good wat..
    bro tu kire tggi la kan nak bndg ngan aku 4.0..

  4. ahahahha...sowi eh aku baru balik cheras and ada tenet..umah aku dalam gua..tadak tenet..ahahaha thx korg..