Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I MoCked


I mocked FriendShip For DissAproval

I Mocked Friendship for Takin Advantages

I mocked Friendship for inFluences

I mocked Frienship For DimiNishing

I moCked Friendship for false Commitment

I mocked Friendship of BackStabber

I mocked Friendsip of Kissing Ass

I mocked Friendship oF pretending

I MoCked FriendshIp of a Dickhead

I Mocked Friendship of Interferance

I moCked Everything out of friendship yet Im not AloNe In this World..Watch Out with who You are entitled them by the terms Friends...(uicheh bajet serious jer dak neh)

WHy....SoooOOO SerioUUssss...ahahahha

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