Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pangkor In memmories day 1

The previous Pangkor trip was a memorable and a very unforgettable experience..ahaha eventhough been fucked and annoyed some ppl i don't really give a damn bout them..ahahaha here some pic during my stay there..ehehehehe..

starts with journey from my house..4.30 am kot kan?

hahaha cant really wear those shirt cause too hot..ahaks..went to lumut jetty by bus and here is my friend that sits next to me..!!! ahaha his name is TOGO aka helmi and he doest really knew what will happend to hem next in pangkor!!!

kami dua2 mmg BAGOS...hahaha can be seen that my skin still not burnt and quite fair..ahaha bapak perasan..jgn marah cik strawberry..

then sampai kat jetty..tgk our BAGOS president mengangkat title tanda puas..puas aper..? haa itu kiter tak tau...ahahaha mmg besepah sikit beg dah mcm bazaar lambaks plaks..muehehehek~
then lepas maam nashik trus nek bot (takor gak mabuk mcm dulu) tgk2 I dun really had any sea sick any more...ahehehhee theres even sum of ma friend try to find extra money by pretending to be blind and sing!! ahahaha

and here some pic in the ferry itself..

muka mcm tahan mbuk tpi tak tau...ahahaha then sampai jer trus cek in and mandi then ada suka neka time ptg..unfortunately time tuh aku tadak p bawak mis grace sana sini..ahahaha jap eh kang aku sambung ngan day 2....ehehehe

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