Thursday, April 16, 2009

oh my god..another nitemare

hehehe...i just woke up frm a vey scary dream..i dreamt about a cat..I hell of scary cat tho..ok2..actually the dream was separated into two different dream..

1st dream..

i was wandering (of course boredom struck..) then I felt like I ve been followed by a verry..verry scary cat..out of no where the cat struck me and luckily I dodge it..huhuuhhu then I made a very drastic (can be considered as sadistic moves...I grab that scary cat and cut it's forehead with a knifed I managed to grabbed...then I slot in my hand into that cat's wound and throw it as far as I could using my right hand.... thats the end of my 1st scary dream..huhuhuhu

2nd dream (started I thing about 5 p.m till 6p.m)

the days suddenly turns night..and the feeling of being followed by that scary cat still haunts me eventhough I killed that cat..haaaa..(wait...recalling....) ahaaaa... This time I had owned a eb more specific a 3 storey old english house (white coloured I think) I have a strage feeling that that cat still follows me.. and to my surprise it does...the cat is keep on trying to find it's way to get into the house...I did'ne know how I managed to repair and shut all the windows in my house but I practically did..then with full of fear I ran upstairs to my bedroom and cover my self with layer of cloth, comforter and blanket...Suddenly my bed shaked...shaked...and shaked...I strengthened up my frail heart to pull down my layers of blanket and comferter and what a surprise....... what the heck you to doin on my bed...two of my friend was massaging eachother...One on top of another... (not a gay stuff ok...) ...I ask them to slip nearer to me when they had finished their stuff (feel like joining them but still scared of that cat)... Suddendly my body start to sweat...sweat...and when I open my favourite gree comforter and my kain pelikat had covered my body and I'm really sweating in the real life....huhuhuhuhu....

after some hours..I decided to go to the nite market with radang and suddenly theres neighbour's cat hanging out in front of my house and when I'm back from the market...chiko was on my other neighbour's roof....

I went in to my house and eat all the stuff I bought with silence.......

morale of the story... Islam teached us that sleeping during evening (after asar prayer ) was not good and it will drive you crazy...and surely it does....

eventhough this is a post of a scary cat I'm still a big fan of cat...hehehehe


  1. apa daaa..igt mmpi takut sgt..hehehe

    ala mimpi kucing tak yah mandi wajib pon..hehehehe

  2. wei hang mimpi Mat Ket ka?hehe

  3. ahaahha..aku pun tatau la zarep oi..mtak coci kakee kot...